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Donna Marie
December 10, 2019
Freelancing Practice Tips

Top 5 Benefits Of Asking Questions

We’ve all encountered this, whether we’re new in freelancing or not: new tasks that we’ve never done before and projects we’re not familiar with.  So what do you do? Do you fake it ‘til you make it? Or do you ask questions about what your client wanted exactly?

The Knee Jerk Filipino Response

Most of us Filipinos are shy to ask when it comes to asking questions. Our typical responses are:

  • Nako nakakahiya, baka isipin nito mangmang ako!
  • Paano ko ba sasabihin ‘to, di ako marunong mag-ingles masyado!
  • Baka tanggalin ako nito kapag nalaman niya na di ko alam ang pinapagawa niya…
  • Diyahe ako magtanong, di ko alam ano sasabihin ko!

Why do we think this way? Because it’s part of our culture to “save face.” Our image is everything, and we do whatever we can to stay on the good side of the client. However, what most of us don’t know and realize is that not asking questions can cause problems. Not only to you but your clients as well. When a task goes wrong, whether through prioritization or execution, your client’s business can suffer losses. And when your client suffers, you will feel the effects as well. Here’ are the top 5 benefits of why asking questions is an essential practice for a freelancer.

The more you ask, the more you learn

It’s a myth that when you ask questions, you’re dumb or “bobo.” You’re not. You got your client. Your client believes in your skills and abilities. Asking questions is a mark of a smart VA who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that what he/she is doing is right.

When you ask questions, you create a connection with the client

This gives your client the impression that you care about the business. It establishes trust because it shows that you’re concerned about the success of the project.

It sustains priorities and keeps you in line with your client’s goal

With so many tasks, you’re not sure which one to set first. By asking, you’ll learn that your client will prefer that you concentrate on a set of task first before moving on to the next. Goals are essential in business, and following through will make sure that you’re on the right path.

Asking questions helps you expand your thinking

 this gives us the opportunity to know our strengths and weaknesses, and do something about it.

It shows that you’re a blank slate

Freelancing is different from the corporate setting in the sense that clients are looking for someone who has the ability to learn and accept change. The more you show that you’re eager for knowledge, in learning a new skill, the more that your client will value your presence.

Understand that there are no stupid questions

If there’s something you need to clarify, or if there’s something that you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask. If you’re hesitant, then you can search in Google to see if you can get your answers. If not, then just say: “HI, I reviewed the task that you gave me. Please tell me if this is the right process for me to follow.” Then state what you think you should do with the task. Your client will be more than willing to tell you if you’re on the right path or not.

Are you struggling in doing a task or project? Hit me up in the comment section! I’ll help you find a solution to make your task easy. Or, we can formulate a question that you can ask your client directly!