Blog: Distributed Teams For The Win

Kenneth Ropan
December 6, 2022

Title Analyst/Customer Service Specialist/ Sales Representative

My name is Kenneth Ropan but I’m fondly called by my friends as “Japan”. I’ve been servicing customers in this industry for over 10 years. I started way back 2012 and over the years, I have supported multiple brands ranging from finance, telecommunications, automotive, and banking. Outside of work, I pursue a lot of interests and I like keeping an active lifestyle by playing volleyball on weekends.

Being in the customer service industry taught me the skills required to succeed in this field. I have experience in the use of different CRMs, CTI, and Avaya, Salesforce, Dos base systems and many more.
Aside from technical knowledge, I am also well-versed in sales and customer experience and i have an in-depth training in various effective sales strategies.

My diverse experience, my easy-going personality, and can-do attitude towards any challenge are what make me stand out from the rest. I am always keen to know more and I have a very positive outlook in life, which makes it easy for people to work with me.

Lastly, I have a relentless passion for growth. What this means is that I also look forward to offering my skills and expertise to help your business grow.