Blog: Distributed Teams For The Win

Nikki jane Boyles
November 22, 2020


People may ask why I need to tell my life story in a job application and my answer is simple:  It’s these experiences which made me into what I am today.

So who am I now?

I am a single mother with five young children and with no steady source of income.  As such my attitude is one of urgency and determination.  I’m in a hurry to find a stable job and determined to be successful and stay in that job.  How will I do it?  My academic qualifications do not reflect my skills and mental abilities but I believe that I have good interpersonal relations skills, an eye for details, creative, a self-starter, and highly motivated.  I am also a person who does not get easily discouraged by failures or a poor feedback. 

I also believe that I would be  a good asset to the company for many years to come.